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CHEM.COM provides Internet users with one place to search and contact chemical
companies from all over the world. Comprehensive product catalogs of chemical
suppliers are available for searching by chemical name, synonym, catalog number,
CAS number, molecular formula or application area. Users also perform structure
by online drawing molecular structures.

We invite all chemical suppliers to participate. Company products will be included
in the WWW Chemicals Catalog and in the WWW Specialty Chemicals Catalog.
Company profiles are listed in the Directory of over 500 chemical suppliers.

Custom synthesis companies are listed in our new Custom Synthesis Directory and
Custom Synthesis Catalog. USA distributors are listed in the Distributors Directory.

Companies providing equipment and services to chemical Industry & Research are
listed in our Equipment & Service Directory . Their products are included in the

In addition to listing products in our comprehensive catalogs participating companies
can be provided with their individual product catalogs. Our search engine will do searching
in your database on our server. Your visitors will type their queries in the search box
on your Web page.

To find more about our charges, and initiate your company listing please contact:

P.O. Box 112, Atwood, CA 92811 USA
Phone: (714) 993-5232 Fax: (714) 993-1371
E-mail: listing@chem.com

Customers are waiting to see your company listed on CHEM.COM !

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